Vermont is leading the way in responsible recycling.

The Green Mountain State is the first to require those who manufacture batteries to fund collections across the state. 

“We shouldn’t be throwing away something that has value…” says Deb Markowitz the Secretary for Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Vermont is once again leading the way in reducing what is tossed into our landfills.

“We have an extended producer responsibility law, which says those manufacturers have some responsibility to take back those items…” says Markowiz.

Battery manufacturers now foot the bill, on something you once had to pay for.

The program Call2Recycle has locations all over the state.

“It is just easy to recycle something as it is to throw it away. Having a hundred locations around is designed to make it convenient and easy for those in Vermont…” say Markowitz.

But when recycling those batteries Carl Witke from The Solid Waste District says you need to remember one thing.

“Half the batteries we see come through here need to be taped for safety. You simply take a piece of tape and wrap it around the contact points…” says Witke.

The reason why…

“They can heat up and start a fire…” says Witke.

“Open up your drawers… I don’t know how many people have junk drawers that are filled with old batteries. People just don’t know what to do with. Collect all your batteries and bring them down and recycle them…” says Markowitz.

Free recycling for batteries today, but more is in store for Vermont.

“Like mattresses, fabrics, or tires…” says Markowitz.