Red Cross 4th Annual Giving Day, this Wednesday

Support Vermont's Red Cross chapter by donating $88.50 this Wednesday.

Burlington, Vt. - Wednesday, March 26th, will mark the fourth annual 'Giving Day' for the American Red Cross across the nation.

"It's an opportunity for local communities to really support the work being done by the American Red Cross. In regards to responding to families that have experienced a disaster," said Kevin Mazuzan, executive director for Red Cross Vermont.

He explains those responding to disasters are likely volunteers. Volunteers are your neighbors and family members, looking to help those living next door or across the county.

"This is just the way Vermonters are, they're a giving sort," said Linda Hokit the disaster workforce manager for Red Cross Vermont.

Whether a disaster strikes nearby, or across the county. It's Hokit's responsibility to plan out where each of the volunteers will go to.

"About a 157 volunteers have gone out (during 2017), and just the hurricane season we sent out about 65 volunteers," said Hokit.

These places include Houston, Texas.

"Some of them were flown in. Some of them were in a backhoe because they couldn't get to some of the shelters any other way," said Hokit.

The support the organization offers is free to victims and first responders but still comes at a cost. Just a reminder, the Red Cross doesn't receive any federal funding. It operates on donations. 

"We are asking folks to donate $88.50 which provides an opportunity for the American Red Cross to help a family following a disaster," said Mazuzan.

The money raised will stay in Vermont, to aid in training, and disaster response.

Mazuzan also encourages you to donate blood, and you can do so this Thursday at the Burlington Donor Center. Doors open at 10:45 am and closes at 7:00 pm

"By donating one pint of blood to the organization you can help multiple families," said Mazuzan.

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