A special event, brought to you by The Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York, is coming to Plattsburgh Thursday night.

Haley Moss explains what neurodiversity is, “So, neurodiversity is the concept that we all have different brains, and that we all process and understand the world differently from one another.”

Moss is an attorney, author, and a neurodiversity advocate.  She is also Florida’s first documented, openly autistic attorney. 

“Basically, there’s people who are neurotypical and your brain pretty much does what is expected of it. And that you align with what is “normal.”  And then there are people like me, who are neurodivergent. And, usually these are folks with cognitive differences and disabilities, who are in the minority of people who have differences in communication, cognition, and how they also experience the world and that isn’t always in line with what is expected of us,” explains Moss.   

Moss will be speaking at a special event, “Redefining Neurodiversity” in Plattsburgh.  The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 19th at 6p.m. in the Stafford Auditorium at Clinton Community College. 

‘She’ll be talking about redefining neurodiversity and how to be a strong advocate and ally for people on the autism spectrum and also with ADHD and learning disabilities,” said Laura Carmichael, Director for The Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York.   

The event is open to the public with a meet-and-greet session and refreshments afterward.  Carmichael said the event is also geared toward parents, educators and anybody who would like a better understanding of autism and how to support people on the spectrum. 

More details can be found on The Alliance’s website at aaneny.org

You can also check out Haley Moss’s website here