The region’s first significant winter weather event happened Thursday morning.   Just about everybody got at least a dusting of snow. 

In the North Country, it started snowing around 4am, and didn’t stop until close to 10am.  Even then, it switched over to a snow/rain combination. 

Roads in the City of Plattsburgh were mostly just wet by mid-morning.  But, in the outlying areas, such as Altona, Saranac and Peru, roads were icy and slushy most of the morning. 

Brandon Cobb owns Mrs. Cobbs Family Drain Cleaning & Plumbing.   He was out on the roads most of the day. 

“They (roads) were a little slick.  If you were definitely coming around corners too fast, you knew it.  But, if you went nice and easy, you didn’t really have too many problems,” Cobb said.  “Everybody gets comfortable on the roads all summer long, then next thing you know, you’ve got people going off the road and going too fast when they should slow down. “