WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – To get a taste of the food dishes fairgoers will find at this year’s Big E, 22News attended the fair’s annual media taste test and food preview. Both returning and new vendors were present to showcase their dishes.

There is something about the food at The Big E that attracts fairgoers from all over each year. Some might say it may be due to the memorable flavors. 

A returning vendor from Harpoon Beer Hall will be bringing some fun twists on some food classics like a stuffed grilled cheese with Cool Ranch Doritos and drizzled with ranch dressing. One of the creators behind this dish, told 22News why they are excited to be at the Big E again this year. “We love the Big E and being part of the community around us,” said Emily Potter from Harpoon Beer Hall.

Another vendor will be returning for his ninth year to distribute his homemade chicken pot pie in a bead bowl. Storrowton Tavern Soup Shack chef, Tantyne Laston says, “I’m very excited, looking forward to the energy.”

As always, Big E’s classic dishes will entice your appetite once more like the classic cream puff. This year instead of the pumpkin flavor there will be a new one called ‘chocoholic’ with chocolate filling and fudge on top. 

“I think it is going to be quite popular, based on the response of pumpkin last year we expect chocolate to go through the roof,” expressed Big E’s purveyor and head baker, E.J. Dean.

This one-of a kind dish will be accompanied by many other new dishes as well. Such as flaming grilled vegan options like apple fries, bubble tea, noodle bowls, and numerous brunch options. Sassy’s Sweet Potatoes will be one of many to be bringing in some healthy alternatives as well.

Sassy’s Sweet Potatoes, Mary Shirzadi says, “I have a niece who is a stage 3 cancer survivor, there was never a thing she could eat at any fair. So I said I would like to do something like roasted root vegetables, something healthy.”

Owner of Place 2 Be, Gina Luari, says this will be their first year at the Big E presenting a variety of milkshakes to fair attendees. “I hope they are so excited for it. We’ve put lot of work into it and we’ve been planning for this event for months now. So I hope they love it,” Lauri said.

Bakery on Brewer, Angelo Laduin says he has also been preparing products all summer long to prepare his dessert treats like fall ready bite-sized pumpkin and apple fritters for the Big E.

Fair-goers will be able to dig into all of these mouthwatering foods and drinks for themselves, from September 16 to October 2. In attendance at the Big E this year there will be 16 new vendors to try food from.

New Locations

  • SoulFully – On New England Avenue – 100% vegan, flame grilled burgers, grilled hot dogs, loaded fries, and milkshakes
  • Che Feo – Young Building – Various milk teas, Boba tea, and chai teas
  • Riceballs Arancini – East Road – Beef, Veggie, Big Mac, Philly, Italiano Riceballs Arancini
  • Ferrindino Maple Farm – Better Living Center – maple Cotton Candy and Maple Crème
  • Bakery on Brewer – Ne England Ave. – Apple, Apple Bacon, Blueberry and Pumpkin Fritters
  • Sassys Sweet Potatoes – East Road – Roasted Root Veggies, Sweet Potato Tacos, Sweet Potato Bread, Sweet Potato Pie and Southwest Sweet Potatoes
  • The Happy Dough Co. – West Road – Apple Fries and Apple Fry Sundaes
  • Villa of Lebanon – Youn Building – Baba Ganoush, Baklava, Kofta Kabobs, Falafell, Hummus, Kataif, Kunapa, Meat Pies, Spinach Pie and Tabouli
  • BoardWok Noodles – The Front Porch (Inside Gate 5) – Ykisoba Noodles and Rice Bowls
  • The Place 2 be – The Front Porch- Breakfast all Da: Mini fruity pebble/berries and cream pancakes, Mini Nutella and coconut pancakes and milkshakes topped with waffles and pancakes.
  • Las Kangris Food Truck – Young Building – Yellow Rice with pigeon peas, Baked Pork, Baked Chicken, reen Bananas “al mojo”, ad seafood salad
  • Kulfi Ceam Taste of Persia – Food Court – Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream
  • Frankie’s Famous Italian Frozen Lemonade – Young Building – Springfield’s iconic lemon Italian ice
  • Chick-Fil -A – Springfield Road- There will be chicken sandwiches, wraps, and more
  • The West Side Grille Cider Garden – Outside he Young Building – selection of Downeast Crat Ciders Original Blend and Cider Donut in cans and on draft brewed in Boston.
  • Ann Maries Candies- West Road – candy store will over 300 old-fashioned candies, fudge and nuts