Flooding continues to shut down Thurman Station Bridge

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Ice jams creating major problems all over Warren County and flood waters closing a major bridge providing access to the Northway.

“It’s crazy up here with all the ice,” Patricia Lindaman, a traveler from Oneonta, said.

When that ice jammed up in the Hudson, flood waters created travel delays and hazards all over town.

“We went cross country skiing yesterday and we had to turn back many times because of water rushing across the trails, so we had to change our plans many times.”

It’s not just ski trails that are inaccessible.

“Ice flows with the warm weather this week broke free, got stuck on the 418 Bridge between Thurman and Warrensburg, causing the river to back up and flood the nearby streets,” Warren County Sheriff Lieutenant Peter DiFiore said.

Across the Thurman Station Bridge, flood waters from the Hudson rushed into the street.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department says this is some of the worst ice jam flooding the area has seen.

“Usually the warm-up occurs over a little longer period of time so ice can get through under the bridge. This is something unusual,” DiFiore said.

The Sheriff’s Department says for now the Thurman Station Bridge and some nearby roads are closed indefinitely until the Department of Transportation and Department of Public Works can clean up the mess.

“Somehow we’re gonna have to get the ice back under the bridge so that the water can flow freely. Until we do that, the water is gonna stay backed up.”

Officials say the Thurman Station Bridge will be closed until this river begins to recede.

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