Republicans are pushing back against President Biden’s spending plans


The president proposes to spend about $4.5 trillion on infrastructure and social programs combined.

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — After President Biden’s joint address to Congress last week, Republicans made the rounds Sunday, saying they can’t back his proposal to spend about $4.5 trillion on infrastructure and social programs.

“When I look at this, this is a staggering amount of spending, like someone with a new credit card,” said Wyoming Senator John Barasso.

On ABC’s This Week, Barasso says traditional infrastructure is the way to go — not free child care and community college.

“Americans understand that with this kind of spending and this kind of borrowing and taxing, everyone’s going to get hit in their wallet,” Barasso said.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Ohio Senator Rob Portman. says the Biden administration needs to work with Republicans or else the plan will fail.

“I think we can come up with a good bill that’s bipartisan and one that actually will survive over time because it’ll be more sustainable with Republican and Democrat support,” Portman said.

However, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the president is focused on his plans.

“He has made clear that he believes that permanent increases in spending should be paid for and I agree,” Yellen said.

Yellen pushed back against Republicans’ criticism and say this is all for long-term benefits.

“There will be a big return. I expect productivity to rise,” Yellen said.

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