Vermont’s Attorney General announced a settlement with the Grand Buffet restaurant in Essex Junction. This after an investigation into security breaches.

Vermont AG TJ Donovan says at least one employee stole at least 100 customers’ credit card numbers in 2014. According to a release, the theft was approximately $35,000.

The settlement resolves the investigation with the restaurant, its owner and manager. The employer had been told about the mishandling of credit cards, and according to Donovan, failed to implement corrective action.

As part of the settlement, Grand Buffet has to change how its employees handle credit cards, keep better records, and pay a $30,000 penalty.

“Businesses must keep consumers’ personal financial information safe,” Donovan said in a statement. “We know that small businesses are the lifeblood of Vermont’s economy. I will work with our small business community to give them the tools they need to protect their customers.”

More information on privacy and data security can be found on the AG’s website.