Rutland Seeks Advice On Refugee Resettlement


As the conversation continues in Rutland over 100 incoming Syrian refugees, leaders are asking for advice from cities and towns who have gone through it.  One of them is Winooski.  

“We’ve resettled economic refugees since the 1830s and my family was one of them,” says City Manager Katherine “Deac” Decarreau.

Rutland Board of Aldermen President William Notte reached out to Decarreau for advice.  She wrote a letter, detailing Winooski’s experience with refugees.

“Folks come here with cultures that don’t always match our cultures, the way genders are treated the way families operate,” says Decarreau.

As of 2015, the census calculated Winooski as having an 11% refugee population.

“I think it makes us an attractive community to folks who want to live in a diverse community, but not everyone is going to love that,” says Decarreau.

While Rutland’s community is still divided, Decarreau thinks it could be positive.

“With the housing and the job situation in Rutland, this could be a very good process for them,” says Decarreau.  

BOA President Notte is working on a couple public events surrounding the refugee discussion.  He is planning to have Decarreau and her staff do a presentation and q&a with Rutland community members.  

Notte also wants to have a q&a via live video with representatives from Homeland Security.  They will discuss the vetting process.

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