Safety after winter storms

Safety after winter storms

As late season nor'easters continue to pile up snow across the region, clearing off your vehicle can become more of a hassle, but if you get behind the wheel without all of your windows free from snow, it could cost you.

"It’s not a cheap ticket. The fine ranges anywhere from 130 dollars to 162 [dollars]," said Officer Kelsey Monroe with the South Burlington Police.

She has seen it all when it comes to people failing to clear snow from their vehicles.

“It limits the visibility. Which is already limited in these situations, you think about it, you’re driving in snow and you haven’t cleared the snow off, you’re limiting your ability to see to your left, to your right, and behind you," said Monroe.

It’s not only a hazard to you, it's also dangerous to others.

"Or it can fall off your vehicle and cause damage to a vehicle behind you, which would make you liable through insurance and also by a ticket," said Monroe.

While you’re out clearing your vehicle, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes to clear off your neighborhood fire hydrant.

"A fire doubles in size every 30 second, so all that one or two minutes it might take one of us to shovel around the hydrant, all that time stacks up," said Gabriel Cummings, a firefighter and EMT with the Williston Fire Department.

He and his team clear hydrants cross the city, but they can’t do them all.

"The publics just not aware of it and thinks someone else does it but really it’s us or public works and we all have to work together," said Cummings

Cummings says there are over 600 hydrants in the town of Williston alone.

They don't take long to clear, it took this crew less than five minutes, which can make a huge difference during a structure fire.

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