RUTLAND, Vt.- After more than 40 years in business, the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Field Avenue in Rutland is closing it’s doors.

“The decline of the status of the United States is just hitting everywhere,” said Capt. Tim Schaffer.

The religious organization is in the process of reorganizing it’s chapters across the country.

“They are trying to consolidate everything and that plan does not include the thrift store at this time,” he said.

Schaffer admits that this is an emotional time for regular shoppers at the thrift store and it’s staff who call it a “special place” in the community.

“We treasure those people and we feel for those people,” said Schaffer. “They come in and talk to us, they get emotional, we get emotional so we’re doing this together.”

The store will remain open for a couple more weeks with reduced prices.

Schaffer says its main office across town will take over the space along with their social services and programs.

“Such as our church services, women’s group, men’s group, youth groups,” he said. “You don’t have to belong to our church. But we are trying to promote those more.”

As the holiday season nears, Schaffer wants to make one thing clear: “We’re still here. We still care about Rutland. And even though the store may not be there, we’re there.”

The organization is looking for volunteers right now for it’s holiday programs, including bell ringers.