A Vermont woman is helping to lead the search for a Utah man’s dog that’s been missing since August 2016.

Barbara Brisson hikes through ten to 15 miles of trails almost every day, diligently looking Lincoln the dog.

“I said to my husband, let’s get in the car and help him look for his dog,” said Brisson.

Nick Gottlieb is the man she’s referring to. He came to Vermont last summer to house-sit for a friend, when one day, Lincoln took off.

“At one point when we were mountain biking in Huntington, he took off after a deer, and I don’t really know what happened, but he just never came back,” said Gottlieb, in an interview from September.

Brisson thinks since Lincoln never had a “home base” in Vermont, she, along with many other looking to find the dog, are doing circles around Lincoln.

Brisson, a retired K9 officer, is a dog-lover herself. She said years ago when her patrol dog Tiger got sick, the community’s support to help with medical bills meant a lot.

“So when I needed help for my Tiger, people came forward; this is my way of paying back,” said Brisson.

Brisson has done a lot, including setting up a shelter with food, plus installing several cameras throughout the search area. She watches the footage daily to see if Lincoln passed through.

“I’m trudging through people’s properties (I talk to them first, they’re very understanding), so there’s a long list of people out there that are so helpful and supportive right now,” said Brisson.

If you think you do spot Lincoln, Brisson has one piece of important advice.

“Dogs when they’re out there for quite a while, they become a little feral, that’s why we ask you not to chase or holler or scream because it’ll push them further away,” said Brisson.

For now, Lincoln’s owner Nick is back in Utah, but he checks back in with Barbara daily, and always when there are sightings.

If you think you’ve spotted Lincoln, the Find Lincoln Facebook page has contact information for Nick and Barbara.