Security Do’s & Don’ts at the RNC in Cleveland


Security is such a huge factor as thousands and thousands of people are descending on Cleveland, Ohio for the RNC this week.

Staci DaSilva who is in Cleveland reporting for Local 22 & Local 44 tells us she has many passes to gain access to things at the Quicken Loans Arena.

She has a Secret Service badge that gets her through the fence as well as onto the floor of the national convention. You need one for every day. One day doesn’t cut it. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for the four day event.

We spoke with the Ohio Highway State Patrol about what it takes to put something like this on, especially with so many national events that have put security at risk.

Many agencies in Cleveland are working to keep everybody safe, including your local delegates. Staci talked to Sgt. Nickolas Goodnite.

“This is the largest project the Ohio State Highway Patrol has assisted with ever in the history of Highway Patrol. It’s been going on for about a year and a half and there’s been several briefings and each department has come here to Ohio to assist us. I guess we all work together, everyone has a little bit different job. We have people from the coast guard, people from Florida, California, Indiana, and Illinois.”

There are a long list of prohibited items that you cannot take into Quicken Loans Arena: weapons of course, replicas of weapons, firearms, but then we get down to baseballs, strollers, whole fruit, no alcohol beverages everybody, no mace, aerosols, nothing that could pose a risk to anybody inside: the delegates, the media, the speakers, nothing could resemble a risk really or distract from what’s happening on the floor.

Security is a very important issue as the Republicans officially nominate Donald Trump to be president.

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