One of the most anticipated events in Burlington is this Sunday, the July 3 Fireworks Celebration.  Burlington Police says the spectacle draws 40,000 to 50,000 people each year.

“It’s become a standard procedure for us, we know what to expect, the majority of people are happy and friendly and there to have a good time, so were not too worried about behavioral issues,” says BPD Deputy Chief Bruce Bovat.

Bovat says about 50 officers, half his staff, will be on fireworks duty Sunday, monitoring security and traffic.

“Come early, expect a delay, if you think you’re going to park on the waterfront and leave quickly, you’re not,” says Bovat.

Food and drinks are permitted at the waterfront.  Bovat reminds people of Burlington’s open container law.

“They’re not allowed to have open containers in the park, just come and have a good time,” says Bovat.

In light of recent mass shootings and terror attacks worldwide, the possibility here is at front of mind.  Bovat says people should come to the fireworks to have a fun, and not to be afraid.

“We have no information or intelligence that would lead us to be concerned more than any other year, but we plan for as many contingencies as we can, and i would people not to come down in fear,” says Bovat.

BPD will have assistance from UVM and South Burlington Police.  Bovat urges people, if possible, to take advantage of public transportation.