South Burlington, VT- Israel has declared war on Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic militia group and political party that attacked the country on Saturday. The attacks led to the most civilian deaths in one day in Israel’s history.

The reason for the conflict is unclear, but some experts believe Hamas may be seeking the return of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have also worked together recently towards a peace treaty, while Iran has funded and supplied Hamas for decades.

“This is about terrorist leaders trying to stay in power and gain politically with the people who fund them,” says Rabbi David Edleson of Temple Sinai in South Burlington.

Edleson also says their is support available for those who may be4 affected by the conflict.

“Within the Jewish community, there is certainly a tremendous amount of solidarity and awareness that this is something we’re all going through together,” says Edleson.

The University of Vermont Hillel also put out in a statement, “Today is Shabbat, and it is almost Simchat Torah in Israel, A day for rejoicing as we complete the years reading of the Torah. Instead of dancing with the Torah, we are watching in shock the news and images of today’s cruel and terrible attack on Israeli civilians.”