South Burlington, VT – Exciting prospects loom on the horizon for South Burlington’s City Center, and a development company recently filed an application to construct over 200 housing units in the area of Market and Garden streets.

Earlier this month, development company Snyder-Braverman applied to build 213 more units in City Center on top of ones already being built there. One of the new apartment buildings just began welcoming new residents this month, according to South Burlington City Manager Jessie Baker.

“We have one project fully permitted that will be housing and first floor commercial development, and another project going through permitting now that will also mirror housing on the upper floors and commercial development on the first floors,” said Baker.

According to Baker, construction on new apartment buildings in City Center will continue for at least another four years, and during that period units will gradually become available to the public. Baker says these add to the long-envisioned City Center and address Vermont’s housing crisis as a whole.

“We really see South Burlington as part of solving the housing crisis. We will be under construction through 2026-2027 welcoming new neighbors into South Burlington,” said Baker.

Furthermore, another developer broke ground on even more housing in South Burlington this past Friday.

The O’Brien Brothers, in the presence of Governor Phil Scott, unveiled their new neighborhood, ‘Hillside East,’ set to showcase 155 carbon-free homes with a target to open by year-end.

“We’re thrilled. It’s a lot of hard work that went into this, but the biggest news is really that we’re creating 155 new homes in the middle of a housing crisis, and those 155 homes are all going to be 100-percent carbon-free,” said Evan Langfeldt, President and Chief Executive Officer of O’Brien Brothers.

“Low income, middle income, higher income, we just have a lack of housing. So anything we can do to help in that helps the other sectors as well,” said Governor Phil Scott.

“It really envelopes that shared goal of meeting our housing goals and addressing climate change and being climate resilient as a municipality,” said Baker.

Baker said that a significant portion of the new housing in the city center will consist of mixed-use buildings, allowing businesses to occupy the ground floor spaces once construction reaches completion.