St. Albans, Vt – St. Albans’ biggest sports fan was memorialized on the ice at at the inaugural Glen Healds Memorial Jamboree, held over the weekend at Collins Perely Sports Center.

Healds, who died in 2001, was well known throughout the St. Albans community for his enthusiasm, especially for hockey.

“Hockey and Glen went together,” says Judy Luneau, a family member of Glen’s. “Everybody knew Glen, and everybody felt better after they met him at a sporting event.”

Now, the St. Albans Leafs special needs hockey team is honoring his legacy and celebrating all those who’ve worked to make sports more accessible to everyone. The event has been in the making since the program originated in 2018, says coaches and organizers John Boomhover and Luke Cioffi.

The weekend-long event brought together teams from Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and parts of Canada.

“To see it come to fruition like this is absolutely amazing and the community support has been fantastic,” says Coach John Boomhover.

After starting in preschool, this is the last year Tristan Boomhover can play. He says events like these are a great way for kids to meet new people and make memories that will last forever.

“We see all these players having fun and laughing…honoring someone who has passed away and remembering the legacy they left behind us,” Tristan says.

Coaches Boomhover and Luke Cioffi hope this event spreads awareness for programs like these, allowing anyone to try something they may have never thought possible.

“Plain and simple, hockey is for everyone,” Boom,hover said. “These kids are just like every other kid. They just want a chance to play.”