Starbucks continues to expand one of the company’s biggest product launches called Oleato™, the new coffee blend that infuses extra virgin olive oil into arabica coffee, and the beverages will be on the menu locally beginning Tuesday.

The beverages can now be found on Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York menus. Exact locations and more information on Oleato™ availability can be found on the Starbucks mobile app or using the Starbucks store locator.

The menu will include three different beverages, consisting of the Oleato™ Caffé Latte, Oleato™ Iced Shaken Espresso, and the Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Cold Brew. The baristas add a spoonful of olive oil to the beverages before serving them to make the signature drink which adds an extra 120 calories, according to Starbucks.

The line of new drinks first launched in Italy earlier this year and has expanded to eight global markets, according to Starbucks.

The launch is garnering attention and peaking interest of consumers across the world, producing many mixed reviews of the olive-oil infused coffee. A Bon Appétit reviewer Li Goldstein describes her experience with the drinks and says the drink left the feeling that “the interior of my mouth had been basted in oil.”

The beverages are now available in one-third of Starbucks locations across the United States.