Vermont State Police held the first in a series of active-shooter drills in Bethel on Monday.

The first SURVIVERMONT session was filled to capacity, but residents can register for more than a half-dozen other classes scheduled through August.

Rob Evens, Vermont School Safety Liaison Officer, said the program was created to educate and empower Vermonters if they are confronted with an active shooter or violent threat situation. The program is a partnership between Vermont Emergency Management and first responder communities throughout the state.

The program combines three concepts from federal programs: “See Something, Say Something”, “Run, Hide and Fight”, and “Stop the Bleed.”

“This is all lecture based and some practical application,” he said. “There will be some talking points from some PowerPoint slides, and probably most importantly, telling community members what types of things they might want to focus on if they see concerning or suspicious behaviors.”

Here are the dates and information for upcoming SURVIVERMONT trainings: