Some Vermonters could be ‘feeling the Bern’ literally.

A Winooski tattoo studio is showing it’s permanent support for presidential candidate by doing a Bernie Sanders tattoo for free!

People get tattoos for various reasons.

Usually it’s something personal, but how about political?

A New Hampshire tattoo shop owner declared his allegiance to Donald Trump and he’s offering free tattoos of the GOP front runner.

“We personally insulted by the whole free Donald Trump tattoo and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea only Donald Trump has followers that are that passionate,” said Tyre Duvernay, Aartistic Inc.

I wanted to see if people would do the same for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The owner at Aartistic Inc. told us they will now and for free too.

“Anything to get people’s attention and look into his views, because if they do their due diligence and proper research, I’m sure they’ll feel the same way I do,” said Duvernay.

The artist chose this design. He chose it because he says it simply screams Bernie Sanders.

“It’s a little character of Bernie!” said Duvernay.

Raychel Severance was the first to say yes, to Bernie.

“I love it. I’m on his team even if he doesn’t win,” said Raychel Severance.

But another Sanders supporter said she wouldn’t go that far.

“My votes with Bernie, but I prefer to keep Bernie in my heart not on my skin.”

“It’ll take us 15 minutes tops to knock this out for you,” said Duvernay.

Just a block from Sanders headquarters in Burlington, we the people tattoo parlor owner Rick Meyer said he is dying to do a Bernie Sanders portrait.

I would like to do one, nice Bernie Sanders portrait. It will probably take around 5 to 6 hours to do. The longer you have on a tattoo, the more detail you can get into it, ” said Rick Meyer.

When asked if he would ‘tat’ any other candidate.

“I would do most likely a Hilary Clinton, other than Bernie as far as Trump said that’s for another shop,”said Meyer.

Aartistic Inc. Winooski said they will do free cover ups on Trump tattoos

Rick at “We the People” said he has an opening to do the Bernie Sanders portrait next Friday.