Texas School District Votes to Allow Staff to Paddle Students


A district in Texas is bringing back paddling as a form of punishment in schools.

According to KIII, a board of trustees for the district approved the use of corporal punishment Tuesday by a vote of 6-0.

Students can be paddled for minor infractions, such as not following classroom rules. The paddling can be carried out by a campus behavior coordinator or principal.

Parents will decide whether they want to opt in or out of the program, the Caller Times reported.

“If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion,” Superintendent Mary Springs told the Caller Times.

The school’s campus behavior coordinator, Andrew Amaro, said he hopes the measure will have more of an effect on students than suspensions or detention.

A 50-year study recently published in the Journal of Family Psychology found the more kids are spanked, the more likely they are to suffer from anti-social behavior.

Only 19 states still allow corporal punishment in schools.

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