At ‘This Place in History’, we are revisiting a previous spot we highlighted in Weybridge with Executive Director of the Vermont Historical Society Steve Perkins.

“We were here talking about this really cool monument, but now we’re going to talk about Monument Farms Dairy right here in Weybridge.  We’re going to go inside and we’re going to talk to Jon Rooney, one of the owners, and cover milk production throughout the years,” introduced Perkins.

“Our grandparents, Richard and Marjorie James started this, the original farm, in 1930 and began bottling milk shortly thereafter. It was all raw milk at that point. They progressed into selling glass bottled, pasteurized milk. Late ’50s to early ’60s, bulk tanks were becoming the norm,” began Rooney.

“What made them decide to get into dairy?” asked Perkins.

“Well they both grew up in and around the dairy industry on a small scale. My grandfather grew up about a mile down the road and my grandmother grew up about a half mile down another road. They were both fairly far-seeing people and realized that they needed to do something besides just produce milk and sell it to a processor.”

“So they soon after that began bottling milk and we’ve just slowly grown. My two cousins, Pete James and Bob James, and myself are the third generation of manager-owners and we now have three of the fourth generation working in the business as well,” said Rooney.

“It’s not only important for us to remain viable and be part of the community, but I think it’s really important for the community to get a sense of history and something that they can be proud to support.”

“People take a lot of pride in a small Vermont business [or] farm, that is reasonably successful. I think our community, and Vermont in general, would miss a business like ours if we weren’t around. We’re a classic example of a locally produced food and I like to think that would be missed if we weren’t,” concluded Rooney.

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