Tuesday Night Rains Lead to Flood Clean-up Wednesday in Duxbury

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A lot of people were met with a mess Wednesday morning.  In Duxbury, Vermont, heavy rains led to wash-outs and flooded culverts overnight.

People spent the day repairing and rebuilding driveways, and removing mud from their homes and front lawns.  Folks said they’re frustrated by the latest flooding event.  But it’s certainly not the first time it’s happened.  No word yet on the dollar amount of damage caused, but there’s significant work ahead.

“I woke up this morning and my whole driveway was gone.  Mud was washed up against the house,” said Dick Peck, a 50 year resident along Steven’s Brook Road.  He says he’s never seen the road hit this hard by flood damage.

He wasn’t alone.  “It really came down in buckets,” commented Gerald Marshall, a Duxbury resident from the North end of town.

Two to three inches of rain pummeled the Duxbury area Tuesday night.  Streams became rivers and culverts couldn’t handle the extra water.  “People don’t call at 12:30 at night for nothing.  I knew something was wrong.  Did I think it was to that extent?  No,” stated Duxbury Highway Foreman Adam Magee.  Wednesday meant an early morning for he and his crew of four.  He says Duxbury has just two miles of paved roads.  “We used our excavator to rebuild the entrances to a bridge, culvert, got that so people can get in and out.  Then we went around with our grader and pushed silt, mud off to one side so we could at least get cars in and out,” Magee continued.

Steven’s Brook Road, Turner Hill, and Dowsville Road were some of the hardest hit areas.  Magee says all the damaged roads are now passable, but a few will have to be entirely rebuilt.  “This is going to go on for months.  This will go on I bet until fall,” said the Highway Foreman, in his 6th year with Duxbury.

In the meantime, people in Duxbury, including Gerald Marshall, will do as they’ve done for the last six years and get through it.  “I’m fixing my driveway.  Just got washed out last night.  Everything from up there is down here,” pointed Marshall, looking to the top of his steep driveway.

The trio agree, these are tough situations, which is why they rely on each other to get the job done.  “Jerry Haskins, my neighbor, came down with his bobcat and pushed the dirt around for me.  We both got together and are trying to get his driveway passable and then we’re going to help the neighbor over here,” said Peck.

Magee admits it’s frustrating.  These long-term road repairs mean other plans get put on hold.  But he says this is part of living in Vermont, “It’s Mother Nature.  She rules and we’re just along for the ride,” said Magee.

Magee says he met with the State Department of Transportation Wednesday afternoon.  They went over the damage and will determine if Duxbury qualifies for emergency funding.  That money would be used to hire sub-contractors to help the highway department rebuild.

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