In this week’s “Two Degree Difference”, we’re discussing a new tool at our disposal to help us understand the climate change on the local level. The new tool is deemed the “Climate Shift Index”, or C.S.I. for short.

The Climate Shift Index is a new tool that shows the local influence of climate change every single day of our lives. The C.S.I. indicates how much climate change has altered the frequency of daily temperatures at a particular location. C.S.I. has eleven levels; five positive, five negative, and one level representing no change. The positive levels and warm colors reference human-caused climate change has made the observed or forecasted temperatures more likely or more common. The negative levels are highlighted in cooler colors and indicate temperatures that are becoming less likely or less common due to human-caused climate change.

For instance, our hot and humid weekend reflected positive levels across New England with our neck of the woods registering a “+1” on Sunday. This is indicative of human-caused climate change having an impact on our above average, steamy Sunday forecast. The C.S.I. toolkit is really going to help us understand how detrimental climate change is to our daily lives. For more information and to use the interactive C.S.I. forecast map you can head on over to the Climate Central website.