ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Amtrak officials can’t say when a stretch of track that was closed Friday, interrupting service west from Albany and complicating the opening of the new Burlington to New York City service, will open again.

The trains stopped running Friday along a stretch of track near an old warehouse in Albany with an exterior wall in danger of partially collapsing.

City officials in Albany are concerned about the stability of the privately-owned Central Warehouse; a massive, old building north of the city’s downtown. Mayor Kathy Sheehan said a structural engineering report states that a collapse of part of the warehouse’s south wall is considered imminent.

Chunks of the facade have already fallen off.

Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams said the rail service was taking preemptive measure to keep passengers and employees safe.

Empire Service was running between New York City and Albany, but not west of Albany. Customers on the newly expanded Burlington to New York City route will get off the train and take a bus for the portion of the trip in upstate New York between Saratoga Springs and Albany, Abrams said.