UPDATE: Woman who Admitted to Assaulting Her Step-Daughter Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison

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A local woman who admitted to assaulting her step-daughter leaving her with traumatic injuries was sentenced on Friday.

Marissa Bickford-Rice was sentenced to 13 years in prison, an order of protection, followed by 3 years on parole.

“To have the closure finally of oh another court date another court date and just for us to get on with our lives. It’s been a very rough year,” said Kaiden’s maternal grandmother, Tammie Waite.Kaiden’s maternal grandmother, Tammie Waite.

She’s been taking care of her and seeing that Kaiden gets the treatment she needs.

“She requires 24/7 supervision,” Waite said.

The 22 year old Bickford-Rice admitted to violently throwing then four year old step-daughter to the ground causing her to hit her head.

Police said when they showed up to the Fort Edward home last September the found little Kaiden unresponsive, her injuries so severe, she needed to be put on life support.

Her three year old sister right there, witnessing the whole thing.

“She was there. She has asked her dad, ‘Daddy will Kaiden’s ‘boo boo’ that mommy gave her ever go away? Is Kaiden going to be ok? Why did my mom do this’?,” Waite said.

Kaiden spent six months at Albany Medical Center where she underwent a skull cap replacement surgery.

She still suffers from seizures and her right will never fully function.

But, considering where she started, neurologists say she’s making great strides and call her a medical miracle. Just this morning she smiled for this picture before hopping on a bus where she spends half days doing speech and occupational therapy.

“She is able to ride the adaptive bike with both arms up on the handles and without her feet strapped which is a big feet as well,” Waite said. “I guess her will to fight and I’m going to say the power of prayer because like I said we have it coming from all over the world.”

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