BURLINGTON, Vt. – More than 600 students and other participants kicked off the Relay of Life at the University of Vermont Friday afternoon.

The overnight event goes until 4 a.m, with runners and walkers circling the track to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year’s relay has an 80s theme, since the nationwide event is celebrating it’s 30th year–it started in 1985.

We talked to the 4 student chairs on Local 22 News, including cancer survivor Ashley Sorel.

“I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid carcinoma. Which is a fancy way of saying thyroid cancer. And I went through two surgeries and radioactive iodine treatments and now I’m totally healthy,” Sorel said. She joined the Relay for Life committee as soon as she got to UVM.

The UVM Relay for Life hopes to raise 55,000 by the end of the event, and you can help! Go to Patrick Gymnasium by 4 a.m. or donate here.

The next American Cancer Society event in our area is Bark for Life on May 8.