Vermont artist paints cows with a message


MONTPELIER, VT – “In a world where there is so much hate, we wanna throw race and gender all that aside and remind people we are all  together in this life and in this time so lets make the best of it,” said DJ Barry.

DJ Barry is a Vermont artist who paints murals of cows with a message.

​​”We are all spots on the same cow,” said Barry.​​

The spots, he said, represent the world.​ It all started  on a smaller scale with a fundraiser Barry started years ago called, Cows for a Cause.​​

“Selling artwork and donating 50-100 % to charities across Vermont. We were making artwork of holstein cows and eventually the spots on the cow evolved to be the world and World Cow was born,” said Barry.​

Barry has traveled to NYC, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, three towns in Vermont, and Ocean City, Maryland.​ He paints cow murals at each stop, raising money for a different charity in the town or city where he paints. ​He does this through go fund me and donors​​.

“We bounce around to different charities because we want to help everyone. We can’t, but we want too,” said Barry.

​​This week, Barry painted a mural in Montpelier at Allen Lumber to raise money for the Montpelier Rotary Club’s Backpack Program, which provides food assistance to children in need.

​​”This particular project raised $1200 for Montpelier Rotary Club and it keeps growing. It keeps doubling. So, the next one i’m hoping whoever we are or whatever town that we are going to make a huge impact,”said Barry.

On top of painting murals, Barry also makes shirts, hats and other merchandise with his brand, World Cow. However, he doesn’t call it a business.​​

“World Cow is a culture and it’s a culture promoting kindness, and paying it forward,” said Barry. “We love seeing people wearing World Cow clothes when they travel to Europe or Australia. It helps connect everyone and create this culture.”​

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