RICHMOND, VT- Food Science Corporation is a family owned Vermont business that provides nutritional supplements to promote good health in people and their pets. Every year the company teams up with a non-profit for a day full of service

Brandi Cornell is an inbound marketing strategist for Food Science Corporation. She enjoys being a part of the day. “The whole company shuts down today and all of the employees come here and work together on this project,” said Cornell.

They call it “Good Neighbor day.” This year, Food Science partnered up with the Vermont Youth Conservation Core which is a non-profit that provides work for young people on public service projects. They work on farming and conservation projects that help the community. 

 “We have been in our home state of Vermont for 50 years and Vermonters help Vermonters,” said Food Science Corporation CEO Sharon Rossie.

One Vermont Youth Conservation Core workers said, “Blood, sweat, and tears… we work super hard out there in the hot sun and stuff and ya know it feels really satisfying.”

Food Science Corporation employees worked on VYCC’s main project. The project is called Health Care Share. For the project they harvest vegetables on their farm which in return go to medical centers for patients who have food insecurities of some nutritional need.

“As somebody who is involved in the community I think it’s great to acknowledge the food insecurities here in Vermont,” said Cornell.