The Green Mountain State won top honors in a worldwide contest.

Vermont Creamery picked up Best in Class for one of its cheeses at the World Championship Cheese Contest.

This year, the contest had a record-breaking 2,948 submissions.

The creamery got the award for its Fresh Crottin soft goat’s milk cheese, with a score of 99.55

“It’s fresh goat’s milk that is coagulated overnight, then we drain it in a cheese cloth and then we shape into those little buttons and then pack it fresh and off it goes, and it tastes like a fresh glass of goat’s milk,” said Adeline Druart, President of Vermont Creamery.

This marks the third World Championship Cheese Contest award won by the creamery since 2012. The contest is the largest technical cheese, butter and yogurt competition, held annually in Madison, Wisconsin.