Vermont’s Governor Phil Scott has declared the weekend of February 24 as Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.  He signed the proclamation on Thursday with the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains.

According to a media release, Scott is encouraging Vermonters to “tag along” and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

A media release says Scott is asking Vermonters to support their local Girls Scouts by purchasing cookies and sharing photos on social media and adding a message of encouragement for the scouts. 

“These signature sweets do much more than simply cure our sugar cravings. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches young women how to be entrepreneurs, manage money, and develop people skills and business ethics,” said Scott. “

By evolving to include the ‘Digital Cookie,’ which combines the boots-on-the-ground approach to business with the digital age methods of e-marketing and online tools, the program has expanded the skills its teaching. And when you buy cookies from your local Girl Scouts, 100 percent of your money stays local – and helps the Scouts right here in Vermont,” added Scott. 

To read the full proclamation, click here.