Police say a formerly incarcerated Vermont man has found himself back in prison after he was arrested in connection to a lengthy crime spree. 

Around 9 a.m. this morning, Winooski, Burlington and South Burlington police apprehended 38-year-old David Oleson in connection to the two-day, multi-state crime spree near 222 Riverside Avenue in Burlington.  

Burlington police say the multitude of incidents started on Monday when the suspect was allegedly involved in a police pursuit in Orange, Mass., where the truck he was operating was subsequently involved in a rollover crash. 

The police added that he then stole a separate truck and made his way to Vermont. 

Tuesday morning, that truck was involved in an accident near Dorset and Market streets in South Burlington, and Oleson was again able to flee from the scene. But Wednesday morning the spree escalated, when Oleson was allegedly involved in five incidents in Chittenden County. 

According to Burlington police, the suspect tried to force a driver out of their vehicle on college street in Burlington at 3 a.m., but was not able to commandeer the car and left the area before law enforcement arrived.  

Police have not directly connected Oleson to that incident yet, but he is a person of interest. They say they have identified his involvement in the other incidents, including the break in of two cars in the South Burlington Shaw’s parking lot, a break in at Burlington’s South End City Market, and the theft of a car from the Hyundai dealership in Burlington. Multiple victims sustained injuries in these incidents. 

“The gentlemen’s car that he tried to steal, that person was injured and did go to the hospital,” Burlington Deputy Chief Wade Lebrecque said. “From the accident yesterday in South Burlington, that person also was sent to the hospital.” 

Both victims that Lebrecque alluded to are currently in stable condition. 

The deputy chief also said that the suspect was believed to be under the influence of a stimulant during the incidents on Wednesday, and was “in an altered state.” 

Oleson has 137 prior incidents with law enforcement since 2019, most of them in Chittenden County.  

Lebrecque said their investigation into his involvement with Wednesday’s incidents is ongoing, and they found a weapon he allegedly used in them.   

“We did recover the weapon used in a residence he was staying at,” he said. “So now with us it’s going to be following up with the victim, it’s going to be followed up with DNA evidence with the weapon to see if that matches him. We did recover some other DNA evidence that we are looking into right now that will hopefully help out the investigation.” 

Oleson, who is being held at the Northwest State Correctional Facility after being cited to appear in court on November 29th. 

He is facing charges that include possession of stolen property and leaving the scene of an accident.