Biologists at Vermont Fish & Wildlife have confirmed the sighting of a Canada lynx in Vermont. 

According to the release  pictures of the lynx were taken in Londonderry and Searsburgh. 

Officials say the photos were taken in May in Searsburgh, and in June in Londonderry. 

According to the release Male lynx are known to travel long distances, so officials believe that there is good chance that it is the same animal in both photos. 

“This was very exciting news for Vermont,” said Chris Bernier, a wildlife biologist for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department who is in charge of lynx conservation. 

“The fact that this animal chose to travel such a long distance demonstrates why it is vitally important to maintain healthy and well-connected habitat in Vermont.  We were thrilled to see the animal using a wildlife underpass that was created for the express purpose of allowing animals to pass safely under the road,” added Bernier. 

Officials say Lynx are listed as threatened’ under the federal Endangered Species Act and ‘endangered’ in the state of Vermont. 

“Vermont has never had a large or stable lynx population.  Records of lynx in Vermont were extremely rare even at the time of the earliest colonists, and have remained infrequent,” said Bernier. 

“We believe lynx may have dispersed into Vermont following a boom in Maine’s lynx population in the early 1990s.  Maintaining appropriate habitat is vital to ensuring that lynx can exist in this state, even if only as transients,” added Bernier.

Officials say this is the first confirmed evidence of lynx in the state outside of the Northeast Kingdom in decades.