The Department of Housing and Community Development will award $1 million in grants to some Vermont residents with at-home charging stations.

The funding, through the state’s Multiunit Dwelling Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE) Grant Program, will help reduce the financial barriers to owning an electric vehicle.

Gov. Phil Scott announced Monday that 84 charging ports will be installed at multifamily buildings across the state.

“Steps like this are critical as we work to electrify the transportation sector, make EVs more accessible, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Scott said.

The department approved proposals from 13 non-profit properties with affordable multiunit housing in eight counties.

“The geographic spread of applications and diversity of housing types that applied was impressive and showed us that there is a high level of interest in providing EV charging for multiunit residents statewide which have resulted in additional funds to continue the program,” said DHCD Commissioner Josh Hanford.

An additional $3 million was approved during the legislative session. More buildings will be added to the geographical map to ensure fair distribution of the charging ports.