The omnibus legislation passed on December 23rd and will provide $1.7 billion across the nation to keep communities safe, provide relief for natural disasters, sustain the United States as an agricultural leader and ensure there is a constant supply of food by supporting farmers and ranchers nationwide.

“I was proud to see these projects through the Senate and look forward to seeing them have a meaningful impact in Vermont communities as quickly as possible,” Senator Bernie Sanders said in a statement.

Sanders secured $42 million to fund fifty-one projects in the state. Sanders said the money will be used in Vermont to fund critical needs, including clean energy, childcare, education, housing, farming, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Sander’s WORK act was also passed in the omnibus, authorizing a $50 million grant program that will expand and establish local employment centers across the country. The success of the program across the state has led to 50 employee-owned companies with headquarters in Vermont.

“Too many Vermonters, and people across the country, have lost hope that government can work for them in real ways,” said Sanders. “Too many have lost hope that government is listening to what they need and taking real action on their behalf. With these projects, I am glad to say, Vermonters will soon see real, positive benefits in their daily lives and in their communities.” For the full list of Sanders’ funded projects, click here.