The Burlington Police Commission is in the midst of a busy week, with meetings on consecutive nights. One meeting had to do with a disciplinary issue. The other included discussion of the police assessment report that a Virginia-based consulting firm worked on for more than a year.

Burlington’s police chief is required to report all complaints against department employees to the Police Commission. The chief must do this in an executive session, which is closed to the public. However, the executive session the commission held Wednesday night may have involved resolution of such a complaint rather than fielding one.

“I would add, ‘to discuss disciplinary matters relative to a city employee’,” Burlington Assistant City Attorney Hayley McClenahan said to the group about how the closed session should be noted for the record.

There’s no way of knowing just what kind of discipline that was or against whom it may have been imposed. The commission terminated its public Zoom call a few moments later.

“That is the extent of the public part of the meeting,” Police Commission chair Jabulani Gamache said. “We’ll be entering executive session, so thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you the fourth Tuesday of February.”

The police commission also met on the fourth Tuesday of this month, which was Tuesday night. A spreadsheet written by Acting Chief Jon Murad was mentioned during that meeting.

The spreadsheet is a response to the city’s $100,000 police assessment report. For dozens of that report’s recommendations, Murad noted on the spreadsheet if he agrees, who or what can address the recommendation, what the next steps might be and how high-priority an item he feels it is.

“Probably the best way forward would be to have every single member generate a similar matrix to that,” Gamache said Tuesday night. “We will be able to see where we all agree on and where we don’t agree on.”

By the end of March, the City Council’s Public Safety Committee will release its own suggestions about how to implement the recommendations in the assessment report.