BURLINGTON, VERMONT – April 20th is widely celebrated as “Cannabis Culture Day” by marijuana enthusiasts around the world. However, this year’s 4/20 was particularly special for residents of Vermont, where it marked the first time legal sales of marijuana were allowed.

Local dispensaries in Burlington were abuzz with excitement as people gathered to celebrate the occasion. At the Bern Gallery, one of the city’s popular dispensaries, there were deals, glass-blowing lessons, and treats like s’mores and poutine in case people got the munchies.

Paddy Donnelly, the brand ambassador for the Bern Gallery, expressed his excitement about the day, stating, “We are open about the fact that we love cannabis and that we have an incredible selection and that it’s something to be celebrated.”

While the legalization of retail cannabis is a positive development for the state, there are heavy restrictions on advertising. Jeff White, co-owner of the Bern Gallery, said, “We’re really limited in the ways we could advertise. And we also have to put in our advertising for anything before getting it approved by the CCB. We’re really good with word of mouth cause we’ve been around for so long.”

Despite these restrictions, people remain enthusiastic about the potential benefits that legal cannabis sales could bring to Vermont, such as increased tourism. Bobby Berg, a food maker with Haute & Heady, said, “Vermonters love cannabis and we’re a great tourist destination. If we foster the cannabis industry that is reflective of Vermont values like our cheese and beer industries, we could see a lot of tourism.”

Kyle Miller, a customer at the Bern Gallery, expressed his pride in the state’s decision to legalize cannabis sales, saying, “We’ve all been wanting to do it for so long. I’m proud of it, I’m proud of everybody. It’s cool to see all of your favorite strains, people you know, and your favorite growers to support. It’s all local, most of it is local.”

The sale of marijuana in Vermont is expected to continue to bring excitement and celebration to future Cannabis Culture Days.