The Transportation Security Administration held a recruiting event at the Delta Hotel Marriott in South Burlington on Saturday, in an effort to hire more agents at Burlington International Airport.

Attendees were given presentations on the roles available and some participated in on-site interviews.

“As with most places right now, we are a little short staffed so we’re always looking to fill positions,” says Human Resource Specialist of TSA Vermont James Muir.

TSA Officials say they want to double the number of new employees that they’re hiring bi-monthly. Officials say recruiting events like these can accelerate the typical long application process.

“So it normally takes a couple of months to get all of that done,” Muir says. “This opportunity [gets] it all done in one day.”

One applicant drove to South Burlington from Grandville, New York.

“My mother was very sick, and I had to work and care for her,” Connie Steves said. “And I depleted my 401k, and I’m at the late stage of the game where I must build up security.”

Jesse Feiner began working a a master security training instructor at BTV in 2018.

“We have a job to do, we’re trying to protect everybody while they’re going on their plane whether it’s vacation, health events, whatever it is, wherever you’re going to go, we’ll protect you,” he said. “But we also get to interact with people. We get to be nice to them, talk with them, joke around with them, have a good time. So, it’s that really nice balance of getting to work with people but also being able to do a higher calling and protect the nation.”

TSA officials say they plan on hosting more recruiting events in the future.