Burlington, VT — The Burlington City Council approved the purchase of 100 security cameras. Nearly half a million dollars of capital funds from the City’s IT budget funded the cameras, according to Chief Innovation Office Scot Barker.

Barker says the current security camera systems software will also be upgraded but not all 100 new cameras will be used right away. Up to 20 of them will be placed at various city-owned facilities, and some other broken cameras will be replaced.

Acting Chief of Police Jon Murad says surveillance cameras can serve an important role in investigations. “Cameras are incredibly invaluable in modern investigations. They can give us information about a person’s actions and behaviors. But the vast majority of time these are after the fact usages of cameras, and that goes obviously for privately owned cameras as well.”

Murad notes that Burlington’s most recent homicide case is built on BPD’s ability to track the suspect on surveillance footage.

Barker also stated that many of the current surveillance cameras are near their breaking point, and having a stockpile of cameras can help the city keep up with replacements.