Burlington, VT — In a news conference on Thursday, Mayor Miro Weinberger announced incentives to limit the use of fossil fuels with the goal of reaching zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Weinberger will grant tax rebates to Burlington residents on electric vehicles ranging from electric motorcycles, bicycles, and lawn mowers. The rebates are aimed at saving Vermonters money on taxes while at the same time, making the city more environmentally friendly.

“Fighting the climate emergency in Burlington and around Vermont and around the globe is one of the most important battles we must have to secure a healthy future for generations to come,” said Weinberger. “There is growing recognition of how important electrification efforts are in achieving the change that we need to keep global warming under 2 degrees Celsius.”   

Community members overwhelmingly approved a 20 million net zero energy bond last December that jumpstarted this effort.

“Personally, as a Burlingtonian, I say thank you to my neighbors and to my fellow Burlingtonians for continuing to support your cities and municipal department so that we can collectively meet our city goals,” said Johanna Miller of the Vermont Natural Resources Council. 

A current challenge Burlington officials are facing is trying to align action from the local level with that from the State. Senator Chris Bray commented, “In the legislature, we make plans, we provide funds to support things such as heat pumps, electric vehicles, public transportation and weatherization and a lot more and then we monitor the impacts of our lawmaking.”  

If successful, the Queen City could be one of the first net zero energy cities in the nation.

“The City of Burlington is a postcard from the clean energy future, sent to Vermont and the nation. That future is vibrant, with energy savings for Vermonters, good jobs for energy workers, and a lifestyle that demonstrates genuine stewardship of our environment.