SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt.- In some industrial environments, a regular computer just can’t stand up to what some companies dish out.

It’s where “logic” takes over.

A small Vermont company making a big impression around the world where business matters.

According to Mark Heyman, the HR director, Logic Supply makes “computers for rugged and harsh environments.”

The bigger the challenge, the better for logic supply in South Burlington.

These small but powerful computers need to work under extremes; dust, water, wind, cold, heat and cramped spaces.

“One of the biggest problems with computer performance is computers overheat. Engineers here have found a way to beat the heat; no fans, or vents. Their thermal technology disperses the heat through the computers aluminum case. Less moving parts, less stuff to break down,” said Mark Heyman, the HR director of Logic Supply.

Each computer is custom made, and tested multiple times vigorously for reliability.

While everything logic builds is a smaller foot print, the company is creating a larger one for Vermont’s high tech industry.

“It’s a good fit in terms of the people and the capabilities. But what’s also neat is we get to access markets beyond Vermont,” said Andrew Swayze, the Vice President, of strategy at Logic Supply

Companies around the globe use these computers for specific needs; law enforcement, in steel mills, underground for mining operations and even NASA has a few.

Logic Supply started in a Boston, Massachusetts apartment in 2003, and moved to Waterbury, Vt. six months later and finally found a permanent home in South Burlington in 2007, while maintaining offices in both the Netherlands and Taipei and is still growing.

“What were’ seeing in terms of revenue growth is that we added about 25 percent last year and we’re anticipating similar growth for the coming years. That means the need for highly skilled workers; now at 65 with more to come over the next three years,” said Swayze.

The company is ready to expand.

With a $4 million dollar design, assembly and warehouse expansion , opening just weeks ago.

There are no private offices with Logic Supply, it’s all about open collaboration, which leads to a little fun and recognition.

As computer technology continues to shrink the company expects big things over the next five years.

The workers at logic said the state is making it easy to do business in Vermont.

The company partners with the state to finance new employee training.

Plus, the company will receive tax credits for meeting hiring requirements.