In Barre, eligible residents were lined up around Spaulding High School, the newest COVID-19 vaccine distribution site in the state.

Director of Patient Outcomes for Kinney Drugs, Shannon Miller, said they were expecting a full house. 

“We’re doing 1,170 today,” she said. “All of our appointments were full, so we should see everyone come through.”

Despite the lines, Miller says people are being respectful and keeping spirits high. 

“People are just very grateful and happy to be here, things have been running very smoothly so we’re seeing a lot of happy people,” she said.

Rosemary, a local resident, encompassed the general feeling for most vaccine recipients. 

“I feel fine and I am elated to have my first shot,” she said.

Senior Director of Marketing and Advertising Judith Cowden had some advice for those who have yet to receive their first dose. 

“My advice is to make that appointment and get in here and get it done,” she said, “because the more people who are immune the better it is for the community for us to get our lives back right.”

Miller added, “We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Vermont in general has done such a wonderful job with the vaccine rollout and we’re just happy to be a part of that to get life moving again.”

The second shot will be distributed to the recipients in about three weeks.