Heavy rainfall hit many parts of Chittenden County on Tuesday night, including Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, and St. George.

In the Queen City, city workers responded to a neighborhood between Marble Ave. and St. Paul St. after a tree crashed down on two vehicles, blocking the road. 

City arborists spent hours cleaning the mess, using chainsaws to cut through the debris. They were joined by the Burlington Police Department and the Burlington Fire Department to evaluate the damage.

BFD’s Battalion Chief Patrick Murphy  says no one was inside either vehicle or hurt. He also mentioned, the tree was rotting and the wind knocked it down. One resident from the neighborhood described the storm.  

“All of sudden, I heard this thunderous crack,” said cheyenne longwalker.  “I looked up because I was outside on the balcony, and a tree had just fallen straight over the whole road and hit somebody’s car, and it was just quick – boom, crack, done. And I was looking at it with my husband and I was like wow that’s a lot of damage.”  

Longwalker says the collapsed tree caused flooding. Chief Murphy says city workers needed to respond to more damage in Burlington on Lyman Ave off Shelburne Road and Hungerford Terrace.  

BPRW were unable to respond to requests for comments during the night.