In the race to become Vermont’s next Attorney General, Democratic candidate Charity Clark beat out Rory Thibault with a resounding lead. Clark, who served as the Attorney General’s Chief of Staff under TJ Donovan for the last three and a half years, shared why she thinks she is the right person for the job.

“I have the kind of ideal experience to be Attorney General. I’ve worked in the Attorney General’s office for 8 years, as an Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General Sorrell and then as Chief of Staff for TJ Donovan.”

Clark expressed her gratitude for those who have supported and voted for her and talked about how much she appreciated this experience. “I’ve loved getting to meet Vermonters and traveling around the state has been really gratifying. This is my first time running for statewide office so this is my first real big election where I’m a candidate and it has just been very exciting.”

Clark beat Rory Thibault who served as Washington County’s State Attorney over the last four years 67-33 percent. Clark will run against Republican nominee Brooke Paige and Progressive Elijah Bergman in the Vermont General election in November. Paige will also be running for Vermont State Auditor, Vermont Secretary of State, and Vermont Treasurer in November.