Colchester, VT — The community in Colchester celebrated the 4th of July with their annual parade, an important summer tradition that some have been a part of for decades. With the Vermont primary about a month away, several politicians also made their way into the parade route.

“We have lived here since 1950 and have been coming to the parade whenever it’s here,” shared the Smith sisters. “You can see from the lined streets; everyone loves the parade.” 

Ellen Desjardin has been in Colchester for over 30 years and has driven a goal cart in the parade for eight of them. “It’s so much fun. It’s fun to do with the family, it’s a great time. It’s patriotic, it’s fun, and we enjoy doing it.”

Several politicians including candidate for U.S. Senator, Republican Christina Nolan were involved in the parade. Nolan says it is important for people to remember what brings us together. “4th of July is a day that we celebrate being Americans, and we come together and we unify, and we need to try and do that everyday; but it’s great to see people come out and feel all the positive energy.”

Ericka Redic, GOP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives shared a similar sentiment, and is happy to see people being able to celebrate the holiday. “We’re all Americans, and we’re neighbors. For many of us the last two years has just been a real struggle, and I think that being able to have a community event like this where we can remember that and honor that is so important right now.”

The overall feeling of those at the event was joy and appreciation for being able to come together as a community.