Flashbags: New Business Plan


BURLINGTON, Vt- Today you’d be hard pressed not to find a retail business that isn’t on the internet. It’s a quick and easy path for most start-ups to find success.

So, its unusual to find a company that started on the web and is now turning to opening a brick and mortar outlet to ensure future growth.

That’s the case for Vermont’s Flashbags.

Flashbags are custom totes and accessories made from recycled materials and your imagination. They’re handmade.

After ten years of limited success on-line, founder, Laura Cheney decided it was time buck the trend of on-line sales only and go old school and open a retail shop.

Cheney realized, because of what Flashbags are, people need to see, touch and feel them.

“The nature of trends, with the nature of photography, in art and iconic imagery it’s been a lot of shifting”, said Cheney.

The store opened just a month ago at 60 Lake Street in Burlington, along the waterfront.

More business that started out only on-line are finding, if they have a product that needs to be seen before buying a storefront may be necessary.

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