The Vermont Symphony Orchestra is scheduled to perform at the Flynn Center in Burlington this weekend.

“Electric Dreams” on Saturday will feature live performances from Flutists. Youth pianists Miles Glover and Laura Zhou-Hackett will be taking the stage on Sunday.

“I like to think that if I enjoy something, that there‘s always time for it. For me, music is a form of relaxation so it kind of balances out the stresses school can bring,” said Zhou-Hackett, a student at Burlington High School and pianist since 2nd grade.

“She saw a friend playing. I have no musical talent at all,” said Xu Zhou, Zhao-Hackett’s parent.

“I love how the piano can express emotion and reflect things in the world around us we can’t say with words, and I love to share that with younger students and anyone I can,” said Zhou-Hackett.

Zhou-Hackett will be joined by a supporting cast of seventy members of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra on Sunday.

“I always tell myself I’m not going to be nervous but honestly I don’t know how I’m going to be feeling, definitely a little nervous and a little excited,” said Zhou-Hackett.

Tickets are available on the Flynn website for both weekend performances.