From a college professor to a city mayor, candidates from all walks of life want to be a State Senator for Washington County.

The Democratic candidates agree on most issues. But they each come from unique backgrounds.

Ann Cummings is seeking her twelfth two-year term in the Senate. Like many in the race, she’s concerned about the environment — particularly about the pollution in Lake Champlain.

“We’ve been putting phosphorus in Lake Champlain as material breaks up,” says Ann Cummings. “Even if we stopped all the phosphorus now, we would still feel the effects for generations which is a problem.”

Jared Duval is the Executive Director for the Energy Action Network – a Vermont environmental group. Many candidates like Duval see farms disappearing in Vermont.

“Vermont without farms could be a nice place but it can’t be Vermont,” says Duval.

Jeremy Hanson teaches computer science at Norwich University. Hanson believes adding housing downtown is a win-win for both housing and the climate.

“Big win all the way around when you could walk to places because of housing downtown,” says Jeremy Hanson.

Montpelier Mayor Anne Watson has been a Montpelier High School physics teacher for over 15 years. Watson wants to see ranked choice voting implemented across the Green Mountain State

“I think it makes sense,” she said.

Andrew Perchlik is running for his third term in the Senate. He doesn’t believe the state is currently doing enough to address renewable energy.

“has taken an anti-wind stance since Scott took office,” Perchlik says.

All the candidates say tackling climate change is at the top of their list if elected.