A former television producer has pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with paying a Nevada woman to bring her 9-year-old daughter to Vermont to engage in illegal sexual activity at a Ludlow ski house.

John Griffin, 44, entered the plea in federal court in Burlington Wednesday and is being held pending trial.

Prosecutors say that Griffin used a sex-themed website to find parents who would allow him to engage in sexual activity with their minor daughters. Griffin is accused of trying to lure four girls, ages 16, 14, 13, and nine, to Vermont by communicating with their parents online.

In court documents, prosecutors described the Stamford, Connecticut, resident as a wealthy man who “has tried to deceive, delete, and spend his way out of being held accountable.”

Griffin worked for CNN for eight years and the network said Wednesday that he had been fired.

Court documents show he admitted having “sexually trained” girls as young as seven. In one chat conversation, he reportedly suggested that the Nevada woman and her nine-year-old daughter travel to Vermont where she engaged in sexual activity.

When a parent confided in Griffin about similar criminal sexual behavior against their own baby, he was accused of encouraging it, allegedly saying, “What you’re doing is right, OK?”

Griffin is also accused of trying to delete chat records, encrypt files and pay witnesses, some as much as $30,000.

Griffin’s lawyer David Kirby asked for an extension to review more documents given “the complexity of the case.” The judge granted Kirby’s request and ordered his client to remain in federal custody.

Kirby has been given until March 2022 to review more documents. In the meantime, Griffin will be detained in New Hampshire with no conditions of release.