ELMORE, VT — Two weeks ago, the United States Postal Service notified the Elmore Store that they would lose access to mail services, effective February 4.

Elmore Trustee Trevor Braun says residents learned the news when the store recently changed ownership and had to renew it’s postal unit contract.

“Really? We’re going to have the US postal service stop delivering here at the Elmore country store?” Braun said. “That’s not right and that’s not going to happen.”

Elmore resident John Gailmore has lived in Elmore for more than 40 years. Losing the post office would be devastating for families and businesses who rely on the general store, and who spent the last two years raising nearly $400,000 to save it.

“Getting our mail here every day is an integral part of our existence here and what really makes this town shine is this post office and this store,” Gailmore said. “It brings people to the store, the post office is a magnet.”

Diane Nichols, a teacher at Elmore School of Vermont, shared her support for the store and post office. “We wanted to be here just to support our store here across the street from our school and the post office is really vital for this small community.” 

Support for the Elmore store has expanded to Vermont’s congressional delegation. Rep. Peter Welch is among those urging Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to suspend the closure.

“It doesn’t help us if we lose our communities as we go through Covid,” Welch said. “The whole point of getting through it is to protect ourselves, protect each other and those community institutions.”

Trustee Braun says that last week the postal service indicated it is open to negotiating a new contract with the Elmore Store.